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W Webster
W Webster Jul 16 '17

I Love You PORGY


4 Porgy (or hogfish or other fish) Fillets  -- I guess you could get by with 2

Baking dish small enough to make two to four layers of fish

Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Pure butter (not light whipped or other adulteration)  (California Brand is usually pure olive oil -- others may have added oils)

Greek Yogurt plain Un flavored  (not vanilla) pure, not low fat, or anything other than pure ~4% butterfat  Cabot is a good brand(or sour cream 4%)

2 tablespoons chopped chives

1-2 oz white wine

Salt, pepper (fresh ground is nice), fish seasoning of choice and a little Old Bay


Coat bottom of dish with oil or butter and then smear yogurt on bottom

add layer of fish fillets and smear top with yogurt and then  sprinkle seasoning, salt pepper, chives etc (enough pepper to give some heat) and dribble olive oil on layer,

Repeat for remaining layers of fillets. Note: Old Bay seasoning can be overpowering - little bit is best for color


Season and smear top with yogurt

Add little white wine around edges


Bake at ~ 400F for 20 min until internal temperature is ~ 140F.


Let rest a few and serve, slicing down through all layers per serving -- a little  au jus also is nice.

PS: Works for grouper too


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