2003 Awards Banquet


2003 Seals 

Sportsmanship Award:      
Bill Harshman 



President's Award: 
Doug Littrell

Free Diver of the Year:
 David Shelton
Captain of the Year: 
David Shelton  


Free Diver Grouper:
David Shelton  19 lbs

Scuba Diver of the Year: 

Mark Huffman

Dan Addison
11.08 lbs


Free Diver Hogfish: Mike Cave 6.08  lbs


Unlimited Snapper: Chris Hudgens 27.00 lbs 


Dan Addison 

11.08 lbs



Mark Huffman  

10.06 lbs 



44.04 lbs

Mark Huffman



Unlimited Grouper: 

EJ Barrett 
53.08 lbs


Unlimited Hogfish:

 Dan Addison 

26.00 lbs


Local Snapper: 

Jim Elliot 

7.08 lbs


Local Grouper:
Gary Dombrowski 31# 

Local Hogfish: 
Armando Suarez
9 lbs 



A Special thanks to Martin Riesen for being the Competition Chairman in 2003 and to Doug Litrell for his Leadership this past year!