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 Feb 04
South 1/24/04 Dry Tortugas

Nice Midlegrounds trip with Captain Joyce Gordy on the Narcosis II Saturday. My fellow adventurers were Seals members Dr. Grouper (David Shelton), Big T, (Tom Morris), and Shooter Dan (Dan Addison). Also present was Wayne the real good Tarpon deisel mechanic, Scott the X-ray tech, and Carl the Computer Scientist. We were prepared for just about      Narcosis trip 2-21-04 012.jpg (688326 bytes)         Narcosis trip 2-21-04 020.jpg (662557 bytes)    any eventuality.        Cackle.jpg (149812 bytes)

Everybody knows that the weather forecast was screwy......but this time it worked to our benefit. We didn't feel a lump the entire day, but had the Middlegrounds almost entirely to ourselves. We had to look for fish this time, but eventually did good. The highlight of the day was Tom Morris's big hogfish, which he stalked in the sand at 140' deep and shot with his new SS Commercial.......with the line on.


102_0239 fixed.jpg (649287 bytes)On January 24, 2004, Bill Harshman of Lakeland and Doug Littrell were diving in 110ft water 40 miles west of the skyway bridge. At the 85ft level Harshman caught a Greater Amberjack fish weighing in at 95.5 Ibs and 5ft 4inches long. This weight tied the Suncoast Seals Dive club Record that was set in 1968. The inner ear of the fish was sent to the marine laboratory in Panama City, FL for age analysis. During the same dive Littell caught a 53 Ib Amberjack.

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Dry Tortugas Trip 

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tortugasshelton11-23-03 018.jpg (57252 bytes) tortugasdavelou11-23-03 007.jpg (147150 bytes)  Dave Jack.jpg (88397 bytes)Mike & Davy with Jack & Grouper.jpg (713324 bytes)
The Killers.jpg (716467 bytes)  and more hogs2.jpg (660917 bytes)

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Quote from Screen Name:   See: http://www.spearboard.com/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=5653&highlight=hogfish

Did a pretty adventure packed trip to the Marquesas and the Tortugas last weekend. My fellow spearfishermen were David Shelton, Lou Bonsey, Bruce Myers, Mike Ryan, John Bains, and Oscar Menendez, all great people  


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