WCC 2003 Awards Banquet
Seals take awards at the WCC Banquet


     SC SealsWCC Winners
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The WCC awards banquet was held December 5th, 2003 See story:  http://www.spearboard.com/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=6443

Dr. David Shelton of the SEALS was the Norm Wyman/Poppa Taylor Memorial Award winner
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Award description from the FSDA-WCC Web Page:

"In the late 60’s, at a meeting of the directors of the West Coast Council of Dive Clubs, we decided to express our appreciation each year to an outstanding individual of our group who had contributed so much to the growth of our sport and our organization. .... A book could be written about the credentials of those chosen for this award. We won’t, but lets just say “Hat’s off” to all of them for their perseverance in fighting restrictive legislation, helping organize clubs and associations, writing bulletins, collecting prizes, hosting tournaments, re-organizing blown out tournaments, and just plain being a “Grunt” and loving it. I’ve known most of the recipients over these many years, but for even those I haven’t known personally, here’s one old diver that is proud of each one of you.  Ray Odor, Tampa Trident Club"

      Bill Harshman takes WCC 3rd Place Overall (Click to enlarge)  

  The winning Seals at the WCC Banquet.  Overall, it looks like the SPUCS took 4th and 5th places.

Bill, overcoming adversity, finished a respectable 3rd.

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